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  • The courses are very accessible, easy to navigate, and there is a helpful support service which is personal and tailored. We have been using The Training Hub for our staff requirements for years now and have always felt looked after - highly recommended!

    Paul Children's Homes Manager
  • The Training Hub has furthered our understanding on the importance of professional CPD resources. I encourage everyone to make full use of these so that staff feel that they are supported and that employers have the right procedures in place.

    Lynn Deputy Manager Children's Home
  • These courses have been specifically developed to offer caregivers with hands-on knowledge and specific resources to seek additional assistance, which is of utmost importance in the current circumstances.

    Anne Senior Residential Support Worker
  • Thank you for providing an excellent introductory course on mental health for managers!

    Sandra Children's Homes Manager
  • The online courses are a reliable resource for establishing effective strategies to manage mental health in the workplace.

    Beverley Children's Residential Care Worker
  • The website is designed to be user-friendly, allowing learners to easily navigate and progress through the courses at their preferred speed.

    Anthony Senior Residential Support Worker
  • The courses are designed to be easily understood and comprehensive, but what I appreciate the most as a woman in my 70s is the flexibility to learn at my own pace.

    Martin Senior Residential Support Worker
  • The flexibility was greatly appreciated! The trainer who conducted the training session was highly skilled and thoroughly prepared to cater to the diverse group of learners. The feedback received was excellent. While we usually prefer working with local providers from the same sector, e-learning proved to be a perfect match for our requirements in this particular instance.

    Christopher Children's Homes Manager
  • The information provided was thoroughly explained, making it easy to comprehend. Additionally, the knowledge gained was relevant and beneficial in relation to the topic at hand.

    Bertrum Relationship Manager
  • This experience has deepened my knowledge of incident management, empowering me to offer advice and support to a team member.

    Jeanine Children's Homes Manager
  • Very impressed. The course was easy to follow and informative. I will definitely be using the site again for other staff members and courses needed.

    Andrew Children's Homes Manager
  • Great training company, never had any problems with The Training Hub and always find the courses enjoyable to take.

    Karen Relationship Manager
  • Thank you for the refreshing training that you provide that will help in developing my communication skills, management now I have improved and learnt more on how to interact with my staff.

    Alassane Deputy Manager Children's Home
  • Very good presentation, informative and very helpful. Good job to the presenters and the whole team behind the content, I really enjoyed it and it was so insightful, learnt a lot.

    Mandy Senior Residential Support Worker
  • Many thanks to The Training Hub for the training we received from the trainers on safety, precautions, and protection needed to carry out tasks in organisations. It was all encompassing and has put me and my staff on a better pedestal to function more efficiently.

    Tony Children's Homes Manager
  • The Training Hub is a good training company, Their courses and training materials are straightforward to follow.

    Stephanie Relationship Manager
  • I am writing this review to express my gratitude for the Safeguarding Children training that my staff recently completed. As a manager of a childcare center, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all the children in our care. This training was incredibly helpful in equipping my staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect the children in our center.

    Richard Deputy Manager Children's Home
  • I recently had the opportunity to take the Children's Home Online course for my organisation and I must say that it was a highly beneficial experience. The course covered a wide range of complex topics related to children's homes and provided in-depth knowledge on how to effectively manage and support the children in our care.

    Ali Senior Residential Support Worker
  • As a result of this course, our team has become more equipped to deal with complex issues that arise in our work with children. We have a better understanding of the needs and behaviors of the children in our care, and we are better equipped to provide them with the support and care they require. This has significantly improved the quality of care we are able to provide and has had a positive impact on the children's well-being.

    Nadia Children's Homes Manager
  • I would highly recommend the Equality and Diversity Online course to any organisation working with children. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field.

    Jack Relationship Manager
  • I have just completed the Children Safeguarding Course and can easily say I am very satisfied. It has been incredibly informative and also an eye-opening experience. The content was well-structured, engaging, and reinforced by informative videos, quiz' and reflective elements, making it a highly effective and worthwhile learning opportunity. I have learned a lot about the importance of protecting children's rights and well-being, and the course has equipped me with vital knowledge to ensure their safety in a variety of different settings.

    Michael Children's Homes Carer
  • I am very much a beginner when it comes to technology, so I was really apprehensive about taking courses online. However, I found The Training Hub's website really easy to navigate and the instructions were easy to follow, because of this I was able to complete the level 2 Food and Hygiene course.

    Ramsay Support Worker Assistant
  • Communication between me and the team over at The Training Hub was smooth and supportive throughout, they were always there in case I needed any assistance. The materials used for the courses were readily available and super helpful, so much so that I was able to pass the quiz on the first try! Thanks so much!

    Linda Children's Home Support Worker
  • I found the courses to be very well balanced, they are detailed and comprehensive. The information was presented clearly and concisely, all without being overwhelming or patronising.

    Ian Senior Residential Support Worker
  • The courses were really well put together, they went through each of the stages in an easy to understand kind of methodology. I really liked the fact that I had the ability to complete the course as time permitted and I wasn't constrained to completing it all in one sitting due to my work diary.

    Rachel Child Care Worker
  • I am really happy with the course on Safeguarding Children as the information was helpful in developing my understanding on the topic.

    Garry Children's Home Support Worker
  • The course I took ran seamlessley throughout, and the support team were very helpful and friendly when I had questions regarding setting up an account on the website. I also appreciate the flexibility with online distance learning as it has allowed me to work on my skillset without having to go into the office to obtain it.

    Philippa Relationship Carer
  • I live in a rural location so having the option to complete my learning online is a huge bonus. The content in the courses was challenging, and also engaging. In the brief encounter I had with customer service, they were very polite, and prompt in resolving my query.

    Stuart Children's Home Support Worker
  • I have just finished up with the Anti-Bullying courses. They were concise, easy to follow and deeply informative throughout. I also had to answer questions at different points in the course. (Which helped me to sink the information in!)

    Timothy Children's Homes Carer
  • The Mental Health course covered lots of different areas, explaining terminology that I wasn't previously aware of. There are also different options that are available to support mental health wellness.

    Simon Support Worker Assistant
  • It was ideal that you could leave it and take it up again at a later time to complete.

    Ryan Children's Homes Carer
  • Highly recommended course, very easy to follow modules and able to go back to recap on certain areas of course.

    Siobhan Children's Residential Care Worker
  • Interesting and I have learnt a lot. Easy to read and understand.

    Peter Child Care Worker
  • Have been looking for a suitable online e-learning course for some time now and glad I came across this site. Thank you

    India Support Worker Assistant
  • I like the assessments at the end. The course was quite interactive. Easy to follow though.

    Faraji Relationship Carer
  • Easy to follow and divided up into bite size sections. I liked the self assessment quiz at the end too.

    Aaliyah Children's Homes Carer
  • They are very straight-forward to order and pay for the course and I was able to get started on it straight away.

    Umar Children's Home Support Worker
  • The contents and overall layout were easy to follow and very informative.

    Megan Child Care Worker
  • I found the course easy to understand and enjoyed that I was able to work at a pace suitable for me.

    George Children's Homes Carer
  • I've tried on-line courses with another provider which was full of obstacles so this was refreshing and worth the money. Thanks.

    Nichola Support Worker Assistant

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